Sir Knight Frank Fields   R.E.G.C
Sir Knight Jay R. Steward  V.E.D.G.C
VACANT      Eminent Grand Generalissimo 
Sir Knight Barry L. Ricketts              Eminent Grand Captain General
Sir Knight Kyran Ruffin                     Eminent Grand Prelate
Sir Knight Augustus Fields              Eminent Grand Treasurer 
Sir Knight Paul L. White Jr.              Eminent Grand Recorder 
Sir Knight William Hendricks          Eminent Grand Financial Recorder
Sir Knight Travis Roberts II     Eminent Grand C.C.F.C. 
Sir Knight Kirk Russell     Eminent Grand Assistand Recorder 
Sir Knight John F. Baker Sr.               Eminent Grand Assistant Recorder/Webmaster
Sir Knight Christopher L. Green Eminent Grand Royal Advisor 
Sir Knight Anthony L. Smith             Assistant Eminent Grand Royal Advisor
Sir Knight William S. Hardin Jr.    Eminent Grand Senior Warden 
Sir Knight Vinson C. Metcalf       Eminent Grand Junior Warden 
Sir Knight Spencer Bryant             Eminent Grand Standard Bearer 
Sir Knight Donnie C. Knowlin             Eminent Grand Sword Bearer   
Sir Knight Timothy Womack        Eminent Grand Warder 
Sir Knight W. Jerome Shannon        Eminent Grand Captain of the Guard 
Sir Knight Joshua A. McGee       Eminent Grand Sentinel



District 8 – DDGEC James E. Parker Jr.  Germany/Italy 

District 11- DDGEC Eric D. Millen  Middle East 

District 18 – DDGEC Reginald D. Coulter United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & Qatar

District 21 – DDGEC William T. Murdock Korea 

District 22 – DDGEC William T. Murdock  Japan 

State of Alaska – DDGEC Abdullah O. Mustapha-Thomas 

State of Oklahoma- DDGEC Reginald V. Thomas 

State of Oklahoma DDGTIM Rodney Garner 

SDGEC at Large Dr. Leroy T. Smith III 

SDDGEC at Large Michael A. Taylor